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All that Glitters~For One Shoot Sunday

This week’s One Shoot Sunday photo prompt at One Stop Poetry is brought to us compliments of L.A based photographer Lauren Randolph.  This fantastic photo is only an example of her facinating work, and I only hope my words do it justice.  This can be a very intimidating process, but one I am ever so thankful for.  Please enjoy…

All that Glitters
All that glitters is not gold
Sometimes it’s hot pink against a backdrop of concrete
Where wilted weeds fight to break through cracks
And a chewing gum wrapper meets its fate, ensnared
Sometimes it’s a ballon, deflated, denying its self
Weighted down by the water of worry
What goes up, must come down
But you can’t be afraid to fly.
Sometimes, it’s a lemon drop lollypop
Sparkling in the hand of a diabetic
Sugar rush suicide
But the laws of what is remains
And the temptation to defy gravity
Leaves only the weighted ballon
For the weeds to entangle.
~Natasha Head~


12 thoughts on “All that Glitters~For One Shoot Sunday

  1. I love this one, Tasha. Powerful and different from your others in terms of rhyming too. Great opening. Second line caught me off guard. "Sometimes, it's a lemon drop lollypop / Sparkling in the hand of a diabetic"

  2. It's perception the makes the value difference between gold and baloons and up and down and I think your poetic but so precide words illustrate that beatifully. Looking at the photo, any eye would choose a different item of value and assign different memories, different associations to it, and this an important context that you've given to what could else be seen as something completely random. But wait,something else! You've also made the balloon a character in the story, and put its hopes and dreams and attempts at either in the context of those watery perceptions. In the end, the baloon seems weighed down my sorrow, but as with perception, the story is not over. And were I speaking to the baloon, I'd say gravity was made to be defied.

  3. Very nice–you did a great job of getting over the sweetness and bringing the picture to a truer focus–"..weighted down by the water of worry…" with its whooshing sibilants is a perfect soft buildup to the lollypop line. A most illuminating take on the prompt.

  4. This poem was love at first sight for me. Beautifully woven contrasts "hot pink"-"concrete", "balloon"-"deflated", "lollypop"-"diabetic" that underscore the theme right from the title and first line.

  5. Amazing imagery! Starting with hot pink against a backdrop of concrete. Love how the piece flowed into so many different pools of illuminated thought, like lemon drop lollipop. And what a sad thought in the end of a weighted balloon. Dig it!

  6. my favourite line was the chewing gum wrapper…and the sugar rush suicide…our temptation to defy gravity…we all seem to try it one way or another…until we are brought back to earth…bkm

  7. Well your wrapped it up just fineI enjoyed each and every lineYou used the picture as a backdrop really wellVery poetic I must tellBut all that glitters is not goldDamn I wish I was never toldI want the stuff that makes me all nice an richGuess Face it Facts will have to cover that itch..LOL

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