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Crimson Knight ~ Two

Crimson Knight
On a quiet, humid, summer’s eve
Gail City rests in slumber
On the horizon, lightening strikes
And not long after, thunder
Crimson turns from windowsill
Worry etched on perfect form
Knowing that what is coming
Is much more than summer storm
Her violet eyes dance nervously
As heavy rain drops break
And she starts her counter, internally
Of the souls they plan to take
For centuries she’s fought this force
Believing they’ve the right
To live the simple lives of humans
Ignorant to this plight
And on to the city’s streets they creep
This unknowing human prey
Like lambs to slaughter they will march
On to their judgment day
She sighs out loud and turns the lock
On secret hidden door
She stretches muscles, long and lean
As her mind prepares for war.

5 thoughts on “Crimson Knight ~ Two

  1. damn sequels usually suck, you sure broke that chain, with your great use of words coming down like rain. Oh I had to do one rhyme, as I prepare for war too..hahaP.S. beat Brian Yay

  2. The plot deepens, the keys fall into place, and I've a feeling I've truly begun to understand what CK's crusade is about, though I eagerly await for all the chapters to be published.I like how you set the drama of the storm (sign of things to come) against the storm of her own thoughts for dramatic effect. I think the earlier stanzas set the stage for what you're saying the last three and come away with the intriguing sense that what is human and what is demonic might be up for grabs, cut CK will sort it out. As in any good story, the mystery deepens and this reader is left needing to know what happens next. Next chapter, please!

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