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Chasing Midnight

Chasing Midnight

Make the world stop…
Revolving, evolving
Racing toward a dawn
We are not sure is going to break
Make the world stall
In these lonely hours
Where freaks and fetish reign
I am alive…
Swimming in the surreal day glow
Of pulsing, breathing neon
Green and pink, dancing the overheads
Humming, strumming
The music of the night…an ancient chant
Echoing unheard, amongst those who have forgotten
But I am not one
For I remember midnight
And secret conversations,
The hidden touch,
Whispered caress, and stolen union
Disappearing on the the fog of red dawn
But the scent lingers beyond the sunrise
And I am again
Forever chasing midnight
~Natasha Head


4 thoughts on “Chasing Midnight

  1. It would be nice if we could indeed make the world stop at certain times, to preserve the moment as well fend off the inevitable disappointments and tragedies.By the way, I added your blog to my links list.

  2. Natasha, your vivid words are one of the reasons I like poetry so much. You have captured the essence of what happens at night and how one night can leave you forever chasing a similar night. You captured beautifully how life can change overnight. Thank you for sharing! ~Corbie Sinclair

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