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The Photography of India Hobson as featured at Onestop Poetry

Beyond the Blue
Ready now, posed as requested
Chin…held just so
The angle of the neck
The part of the hair
Groomed and waiting.
A beautiful bloom of blue
Anchoring the shot
Highlighting the softness
Shades of grey and pink
Muted muse
Behind the lens
The artist sees
Beyond the brilliancy of blue
And with keen eye
Captures the muse
Innocence in doe~eyed gaze
The blush of moistened lips
Chin cradled in porcelain hand
And the reflection of the artist
Waltzes our perception
Beyond the blue.
This image is provided by One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Photography Spotlight, which this week, features the fantastic work of India Hobson.

9 thoughts on “The Photography of India Hobson as featured at Onestop Poetry

  1. A very thoughtful and authentic interpretation of the image. Above all the works I've read relating to this stunning photo, your poem most directly relates to its blue intensity, and like the original photographer, captures the essential ambiguity of beauty. I love it. Well done, James.

  2. beyond the blue…beyond the conformity of what we perceive as normal for this woman.her poise is rite and attitude adjusted…yet there is something behind the doe eyed gaze.she is not all there inside,though the outside is perfect.very nice.

  3. "posed as requested" cool how you begin and work the image. It's especially strong at the end when the transition from the colors then focuses back on her features. I think the phrase beyond the blue also captures a bit of the subject's personality. Nice write, Natasha

  4. "doe-eyed gaze..porcelain hand…beyond the blue"beautiful lines that end perfect for this wonderful write of muted colour and muse…the repetition of blue used threads it so nicely together..bloom, brillance, beyond…thank you…bkm

  5. The image is carefully arranged, the camera juxtaposed to the flower, the blur of the photographer juxtaposed to the clarity of the subject. And the it's all reflected in the mirror. Your poem captures all of this, and more. Well done.

  6. Models and cameras as objects floating "beyond the brilliancy of blue." Perhaps the photographer meeting the poet? As you do so often, the key words here is your couplet at the end. To my mind, everything that comes before it is a setup of the relationship between camera and model as objects arranged by part of hair and anchored shot. One read tells me it's a celebration, the next not so much, but in the end it's that manufactured perception that exists beyond its participant objects and I think you've so well and so precisely drawn that from the photo prompt.

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