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Sacrifice for Normalcy

Sacrifice for Normalcy

The call for help rang through the night
But fell on deafened ears
For there was not a living soul in sight,
No one was round to hear.

The shops along the cobbled street
Had closed just hours before
And not a soul was he to meet
As he ran that cobbled floor

The beast had followed, that he knew
As he raced throughout the dark.
On leather wings, above it flew,
Keeping rhythm with his heart

On he fled by lantern’s light,
Blood pulsing a fevered dance
A beacon to the beast’s keen sight
Prayer was his shield and lance.

Onto the hills amongst the trees,
The village laid in slumber,
The lightening lit, his path it seized
Driving the beast’s hunger.

Collapsed on steps, he found no aid
Though he begged and cried,
And to his anxious rapping paid
Only its echoes would reply.

The sound of huge wings flapping high
Within the blanket of lonely night
Pierced the limits of his mind
And filled it deep with fright.

Mist danced, the figure of a ghost
And shadows ruled with glee,
And tired from running house to house,
He had no where to flee.

The beast had turned and now was man
An equal beyond compare
Though skin was cool, desire fanned
With it, blood lust was bared.

Around the turn he lay in wait,
No need to chase his prey.
Into the dark he would abate,
The mortal would run his way.

The unsung hero kept his course
Not knowing all he saved,
As hellish teeth ripped through his skin,
With his last breath he prayed,

“Father watch over those,
Who ignored my fear filled pleas,
They know not what it is they do,
As I bleed this misery”

The beast now sated, thirst now quenched,
The mortal played his role,
Back into winged creature form,
The demon left his toll.

And in the morning, no one missed
The stranger’s haggard form,
They were too consumed in selfishness
And keeping to the norm.

Natasha Head


5 thoughts on “Sacrifice for Normalcy

  1. Wow that was like more of a story, nice job and you rhymed too..haha..can't beat that. Love the underlying theme too, as it is so true, whoops a rhyme, that ends my chime.

  2. This is a lovely lyrical ballad, which tells a compelling story. Like a story it pulls the reader in, not knowing what to expect, but then completely delivering on its premise. My curiosity is most piqued by your having the demom turn human to commit his attack. This gives your poem's edge even more steel. As your title sets up and the final words deliver, the hero's sacrifice works on both the community and personal levels, but I've a feeling it goes deeper than that. There's a personal story here about the sacrifices of self we all sometimes make against ourselves in the name of that dreaded normalcy in that long and dark night of the demon chased soul.

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