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The Child, The Witch & The Dragon

The Child, The Witch & The Dragon

Inside there hides a little girl
Who used to like to dream
Of prince charming and waterfalls
Hot chocolate and ice cream

Deep inside a power did rage,
The world lay at her feet,
The shoes she wore tramped hard and heavy
No secrets did she keep

She could have it all, she knew
Just keep the fear at bay.
Boldly charging without hindsight
She would own the world today!

But the witch within brought wisdom forth
Providing clear hindsight,
The dragon roared, the child cringe
And her soul prepared to fight.

To find a balance among all three,
That would be the chore,
Hang on to innocence, cherish wisdom
While letting dragon roar.

Forget the follies and broken hearts,
Appreciate lessons learned,
Throw away self-doubt and loathing,
Allow the tides to turn.

Embrace the child with loving light,
Hold her close and hard,
Allow the witch to give direction
To your dragon’s charge.

The power still beats deep inside,
Along with all my wisdom,
I am the child, I am the witch,
Protected by my dragon
~Natasha Head

Reposting this one for jinksy’s InTandem #15, where she has been so gracious as to use my very own dragon doodle as prompt…you’ll have to visit her to check it out…and maybe it will inspire you too πŸ™‚ 10/20/11


11 thoughts on “The Child, The Witch & The Dragon

  1. Wow very nice read, love how you used dragons..haha. But you and Brian are right(don't like admitting that last need all three and use them as are needed.

  2. This is another, beautiful, lyrical descent into self. As Brian and Pat mentioned, balance is important, but I think this poem also wisely and even tenderly touches on the relationship between the members of that balance and how they discover themselves that keeps a tension between your words and symbols and drives them evolutionary forward. For me, it's the sixth stanza which serves as your poem's crux and drives it to it's powerful end, half in a fantasy realm and half in the real words. You have fantastically portrayed the dance which goes on in all of us.

  3. Fiver says I know what my dragon is, I wonder what yours could be?Vivid imagery and excitable words. Very good read, Natasha.

  4. Embrace the child with loving light,Hold her close and hard,Allow the witch to give directionTo your dragon's charge.The power still beats deep inside,Along with all my wisdom,I am the child, I am the witch,Protected by my dragonWonderful and thoughtful. I hoped all three would survive. Really, really enjoyed this.

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