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Red Tape ~ Rondel for One Stop Poetry

It’s another week working on Rondels at Onestop…and I’m still in a ranting kind of mood.  So, while I’m late to posting today, I offer up for your reading pleasure (hopefully!)

Red Tape
Drowning in the bureaucracy
Ruled by those who have never done
This task has become cumbersome
But doomed, this is reality
Paper high as the eye can see
A daunting task that can’t be won
Drowning in the bureaucracy
Ruled by those who have never done
Sign a contract and kill a tree
Never replant a single one
But that’s okay, it’s how it’s done
We are quite important, you see
Drowning in the bureaucracy
~Natasha Head~
Not sure if your day job is like mine or not, but being told how to do your job by people who have never done your job can be a difficult pill to swallow at best.  When we take it to the next level, and realize the majority of our governments are run the same way…it get’s very scary indeed.  I may be a tad bit nieve, but I know it’s who you know.   Yup…little ol’ country bumpkin me, spitting out my opinions like I know what I’m talking about 🙂

8 thoughts on “Red Tape ~ Rondel for One Stop Poetry

  1. Can tell something set you off..hahaBut you are right it always has been about who you know and how much one can kiss ass and yes you know where I work people, (errr ummm in your line of work)hahaha, like to tell me how things should be done, with a little whine thrown in..hahahaWorse is when they bring in these "oh so nice" training people, who blather on about crap you already know, been doing the job for years, yet this person comes in and tells you exactly what you've been doing anyway, stupid. Think you hit a nerve…lol

  2. Well done Natasha. I'm right there with you. Just changed bosses and he's NEVER done my job and wants to change to something the rest of us KNOW won't work. Sob. It's harder training bosses than new recruits. Your rondel is well written..just the right form!

  3. You were on a roll! I think marrying the centuries old rondel form with a modern commentary gives it a bounce that makes it go down like a 'spoonful of sugar', and I so like how you have your usual combining of personal and universal. Your final coupling drives it home, so funny and sad at the same time. We are all condemned to the red tape jungle.

  4. nice rant in ancient form, natasha 🙂 I see it all the time. change upper level management and they do everything those before them tried and found out it don't work. but they try it again *sigh* :)Monty

  5. Awesome. I've definitely had a few of these kinds of days at work! I love "We are quite important, you see / Drowning in the bureaucracy". Cool photo too. I need to try a rondel.

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