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Silver Coins Upon My Eyes ~ dVerse ~ Poetics

When I came upon the Poetics prompt at dVersePoets this week, my mind automatically thought of this piece.  Joy (aka @hedge_witch) is talking about repetition in poetry, and it’s something I often find myself relying upon.  I was just getting underway with poetry blogging, and had recently discovered One Stop Poetry when I wrote this, inspired by a photo by @ChasingTao.

This weeks One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry brings us the stunning photography of Roger Allen Baut. His work is alive and amazing, and this weeks picture prompt is a stunning example of how he allows your imagination to simply run away with itself.  Thanks to Roger and Onestop for providing me the inspiration for the following piece:

Silver Coins Upon My Eyes
Roger Allen Baut Photo

Will these tokens pave my way
Through demon fire and yesterday
Towards the current
where old souls cry
And beyond the thunder
Of the mount most high
These silver coins upon my eyes

Silver molten seeping in
Yet icy cold upon this skin
Truth hides behind this fearsome pallor
As death waits for us all, our taking hours
Where mother’s cry, the white dove does fly
These silver coins upon my eyes

Now no seeing I ride along
This river does sing a fiery song
Melting cool over dying flesh
Burdened by prayers upon my breast
A single tear slips from behind
These silver coins upon my eyes

Tokens for what waits for me
To buy my way past destiny
To seal my fate, release the me
From this wheel of suffering
To be born, one must surely die
With these silver coins upon my eyes.
~Natasha Head~


33 thoughts on “Silver Coins Upon My Eyes ~ dVerse ~ Poetics

  1. Beautiful language leads the way here, but I'm most struck by is the deft way you've woven remembrance and expectation together and traveled with them through the demon fire and over the mount most high to essenial places of questioning, fear, faith, and hope, allowing the reader to feel all of them as they travel with you. Even better, despite those lofty points, it's both an immediate and emotional ride which gives it power an potency. Damn good poetry!

  2. I guess this is why you are so slowAs you are constantly on the goPlus coming up with posts this goodThe cat never couldYou'll have that book before you know itThen I'll go on about it in a rhyming fit!

  3. nice…this is a very cool write tash…we do all die..and better we have the coin than to face charon and not…i for one am not afraid of that day…but hope it takes its time in getting here…

  4. Wow Natasha! I felt like I was reading something from the ancient Greek writers…silver (coins) for the ferryman (and eyes) to take us across the river Styx to our next port of call! Love it, and am so pleased the image inspired you thus! Roger ☺

  5. I remember this picture–it's gorgeous, like everything I've ever seen by Roger, and your poem picks up the silver wave in the photo and carries it ebbing and flowing with each stanza. I love the mood, the timeless feel, and the various individual lines that create it–especially like the opening lines of each stanza–first and last are killers.

  6. aww tash – this brought back some sweet OSP memories…and one or two tears… great poem..wonderful artistic approach on death..great image with the silver coins on the eyes…hope i have them ready by the time i get there

  7. Wow, Tash, I loved it – maybe a new favorite, exquisite and marvelous, I'll be coming back to it (bookmarked it). I tried commenting on your dragon, witch, child post from earlier and couldn't so excuse I'm going to add that comment here: Yes all three stepping forward and receding, knowing which to put forward in the world and when, are issues we all have to struggle with. Also, who to trust intimately, to reveal the multiplicity of self to and know you won't be labeled as one aspect of your being. Swirling depths in this one, thank you.

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