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The World I Dream

The World I Dream

Through a land of willow trees
Of warm, soft rain and gentle breeze
Where elves and angels stop to play
And dance for prayer from far away,
This is the world I dream.

Where lords and ladies kneel in prayer
To a god they always know is there
And children rest so patiently
While a choir of angels sing
This is the world I dream.

Kings and queens with elegant grace
Bless the knights upon royal face
While innocents look with hearts so bold
And dream of a love long ago foretold
This is the world I dream

Dragons, silver in the sky
Artwork amongst the stars combined
With moonbeams of a warming flame
And nothing ever has to change,
This is the world I dream

Rainbows lead to pots of gold
There is no fear of growing old
Where beauty lies beyond the skin
With no fear of ugly getting in,
This is the world I dream

Where please and thank you need not be asked
Where there is no judgment based on past
Where love is true and hearts are too
And there is no such thing as cruel,
This is the world I dream.
            ~Natasha Head~


2 thoughts on “The World I Dream

  1. my oh my what a beautiful world you dream…i must admit the knights and dragons are right up my alley, my imaginary realm is fantasy, but you end on a not we can all agree, a world of peace and harmony, where love rules the day and we all get to play…

  2. Well didn't you go all Disney with thatBut it is liked my the catI like the fantasy stuff alot tooBut don't write about it like youAs you did this one very wellAnd didn't go all dark to hellWhat had a bright spot in your dayThat made you want to play..haha

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