Creative Delusion ~ For OneshotWednesday

Creative Delusion
Autosomodization ~ Salvador Dali
Rip from me this betrayer
Torturer of souls, slayer of dreams
Harbinger of misunderstanding
Fueled by lack of poetic decency
Nerves grating against the madness
Tendrils dripping red, fragments of forgotten hearts
Ribboned against the sanity
That they claim is not mine to know
Bleeding delusion and imagination
As sand melts into nothingness
And times surely erases its vibrancy
Smothered against the gilded clouds
Wishbone delusions shall topple
This pedestal of marble, this testament of strength
And it will one day surely bleed
Such as you’ve made me
Mutilation, desolation
Amongst shadowed appendages
Wrapped in gossamer shroud
A mockery against the freedom I claim to own
Immortal I will always be
Flying in the face of those who dare to look away
Champion for those who dare to dream
Who speak their secrets, and know no shame.
To the artist ~ create
To the poet ~ love
To the writer ~ leap
To the dreamer ~ live
~Natasha Head~
This poem will be appearing as my Oneshotwednesday submission at One Stop Poetry.  If you are a lover of poetry, a writer of poetry, a photographer, artist…please, I urge you, visit Onestop.  There you will find the most supportive community, alive with awesome talent, and just plain great people.  How’s that for poetic!

17 thoughts on “Creative Delusion ~ For OneshotWednesday

  1. Well Tash I am honoured to be the first to say hi on your one shot. So much truth in this poem, the only thing I have to leave so far is all those little words I've written down. Make every one count x

  2. Oh what a Brillant write of emotion and creativity Natasha…and the Dali to accompany such a piece…I am glad you dared to dream here to love and to write…Bravo!!…bkm

  3. To be creative is many things…and it is an emotionally charged outpouring for it you offer us here, a piece that puts a smile on one's face to think that they too might be part of a community that feels at such. Powerful ending notes…a little something for everyone, and a potent message: embrace it. Well done.

  4. To the artist ~ createTo the poet ~ loveTo the writer ~ leapTo the dreamer ~ livewhat a wonderful exhortation following a masterful, emotional poem. Such passion and creative liberty are so needed and so welcome. thanks for sharing this!

  5. This reads to me as part anthem, part battle cry, part challenge to self and world for the poet to break through and that break in turn redefine the poet, an evolutionary/revolutionary challenge against those elements that deny same, or even deny it's possible. There is pain in these words, my friend, which makes me sad to read them, but through that pain there is strength and a hope, there is a will to grow and defy the slayer of dreams and whomever/whatever set those wishbone delusions. (cont'd)

  6. Wow you went full out on this oneJob very well doneOnly thing wrong at all hereIs Brian beat me with the cheerPain in the words?Maybe you need to play with the birds?Oh I'll just be a pain in the assThat way you dark have to go all dark lassWhile back to work ruining my funOnce again job well done!

  7. Dear NatashaPerfectly captured the creative delusion with the fervor that grips the creator to take common / uncommon things and turn into something totally different totally new even if its harsh, delusional or a dream. I liked it .. thanks for sharing..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/03/whispers-seed-and-senseless-living.htmlAt Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  8. "Champion for those who dare to dreamWho speak their secrets, and know no shame."Such a powerful poem; those lines especially. Food for thought, perhaps end it at the above part…. This is an excellent poem, Natasha.

  9. oh yes!! How did I miss this??! Brilliant write Tash…and powerful indeed! Love, love love the last stanza..To the artist ~ createTo the poet ~ loveTo the writer ~ leapTo the dreamer ~ live ..I agree with Shan, bloody brilliant! x

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