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One Stop Poetry Form – Rondels

This week in poetic forms, Onestop is offering up class in the Rondel.  Again, fighting my free~flowing, liberated self, and attempting to do it justice.  Be patient, be gentle, and maybe even…enjoy!

The Door
Life is about to change for me
 I intend to learn how to soar
With timid touch I step to door
Allow the change dramatically
Through the lonely days of history
My self has cowered behind the lore
My soul has cried for an eternity
 I intend to learn how to soar
And now this longing to be free
To see my broken spirit soar
Into tomorrow and evermore
Strengthened now by eternity
Life is about to change for me
~Natasha Head~

As so often happens in this wonderful universal mystery we are all sharing, a poet friend has written his own Rondel, that, in our opinion is the perfect mirror to this piece.  I would love you to visit Ben Miller at his blog The Wheel and The Star to read what is a surprisingly in tune companion to my own post.  This was not planned, and perhaps we’re a bit off for thinking so, but have a read of Cry For Hearts With Clipped Wings and tell me you don’t get a few goosebumps.  Synchronicity in action!

8 thoughts on “One Stop Poetry Form – Rondels

  1. Very nice little RondelDidn't make me think what the hellWhich is a good thing I sayBecause as always you make me want to say heyAt your great post of the dayThen it allows me to rhyme and playYou did it justice for sureAs I'm sure you'll do with moreOh and I beat Brian I hope he's cryin..haha

  2. Your poem shows a great understanding of the rondel form, and how the key refrain interrelates with and strengthens the theme with repetition. I like the way that your poem can be interpreted to mean several things – it can be sad, or life-affirming, or even joyful, depending on how the reader approaches it.

  3. I took it as a statement about shyness. I've watched many a young person on that threshold when talent presses forward and their shyness is overcome. Well done in rondel form I think as well. Gay

  4. What a great refrain and more charging than the sum of its words as it ties in the hope and seemingly fragile determination that seep from the words that surround it. And while you've aced the form, it still reads and sounds exactly like a Natasha poem. Still, what I like best is this sense of air and history that the speaker pulls around themselves in their quest for that change and freedom that and reaching into that past for the strength to move forward. Beautifully, beautifully done!

  5. nice work, natasha. at first reading I took it as anny did, coming out of cloaking shyness, then fell into more a religious awakening sense, and at the last got the possible "no fear of death" any more. you've pulled it off beautifully, dear lady :)bummy / monty

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