Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Brian, Brian, Brian! What a prompt you have blessed us with today via OneStopPoetry ‘s Friday Poetically.  Just when I thought there was no inspiration to be found today, I made a visit to Ben Miller’s The Wheel and the Star, and read his brilliant response to the prompt below.  How could I not try as well!

I Am Like the Ivory
Photo by Brian Miller
I am like the ivory
Tusks so cherished
Magical and illegal
A victim of their vanity
Reclined upon the limbo
Of romanticised histories
Solid in my pose
I am like the ivory
A round table of peers
Once followed me to victory
Upon the shoulders of Arthur
And now to them I bow
For their warning I did not heed
Thinking I knew so much more
I am like the Ivory
Though none of me remains
Poisoned, eaten
By the sweet nectar
Of my damsel in distress
As I evaporate
Melting into pools
Of her fierce, violet eyes
I am like the ivory
My beauty chiseled, my form imperfect
My strength, unmatched
Marred by the brutality
Of the kingdom
I was charged to protect
Battery Acid
On the mist of a forgotten dawn
I know of no such enemy
But still it makes me bleed
I am like the ivory
With every imperfection
Casted upon eternity
As my history melts
Into the Main Stream
~Natasha Head~


5 thoughts on “Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

  1. And try you didNo I Don't KidVery well done once moreYou should open your own storeMaybe one dayYou never know what could come your wayBut keep up the great workStaying on pace with Brian makes me smirk

  2. tight tash…this is a really great piece…particularly the battery acid and main stream brought it ot presnt day, perhaps lamenting what has been left behind…great take on the prompt…

  3. This is another terrific poem which puts a face, a relationship on the relics that history has put behind. "battery acid on the mist of a frogoteen dawn" is electric and beautiful at the same time, but virtually every line stands out on its own, then meld together to form a whole still greater than it's parts, while each stanza reflects a different aspect of the history you tell. Another brilliant, focused gem.

  4. I am like the ivoryTusks so cherishedMagical and illegalA victim of their vanityGood work Natasha! Those tusks, magical, illegal and brutally cut from the head of the beasts that bear them.I am like the ivory…Marred by the brutalityOf the kingdom Well said and bringing to light a by product of greed, splashed by battery acid. A great analogy!

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