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As my brain scrambles to come up with the next great epic tale…polite cough inserted here…I am left reviewing those pieces already written and floating about in cyber space, and pulling them back to my blog space.  Have a read…and let me know your thoughts…if you haven’t already.

Isolation seems inviting
On a summer evening such as this.
The laughter of my friends and family
Travels down the deserted beach
To ears that have heard too much
Alone I stroll through the dampened sand
As the tide pulls away,
And a wave crashes at my flipped flopped toes,
Erasing the joyous sounds.
For now it is only me and the tide
Swallowed in the mist of creeping twilight
Divinity can be found here…if you listen.
The gulls cry in their screeching voices
Targets locked on the tiny crabs
The receding tide has forsaken
And another wave crashes
In a rolling wash of seaweed and Irish Moss
The scent of isolation on a salted breeze
Not quite strong enough
To carry me away
~Natasha Head~


2 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Oh it is so nice to be aloneAnd unplug the phoneLeaving one in isolationPreferably with not to much contemplationBut it's nice to come and pick on youThat is what I doAfter the much work I did on Face it Facts todayI need to take some time to play

  2. You may not escape an essay this time, my dear friend. 🙂 I read this earlier (at work, no less), and was struck speechless; I had to step outside to process it. There's so much immediate emotion here as your poem works the idea of isolation, the dynamics of feeling isolation in different directions at once. Both prison and opportunity, necessary and limiting to use strong words. It seems to me that in your words, desire for isolation and fear of isolation come crashing on the shore together, under the gull's sreech where the shore is simultaneously desolate and live. That junction is indeed, a good place to look for divinity. You take the reader on your beach stroll with you, feed them your seemingly divided, but connected emotions. (This twinning of emotions is a hallmark of your poetry that utterly compels me to read it.) There's a mix of sadness and hope and searching that's magnified by the scenery. I feel like I've been there on that beach and felt those emotions and had the same wondering, that wants and sadness battling for supremacy. For me, this is an incredibly moving poem. I could write more…

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