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Will We Ever Hurt

Will We Ever Hurt

Across the ocean, around the world
Devastation knows no limits
When our kind are left to suffer
As happenstance or coincidence
Embraces them in a vice like grip

Our prayers fly, but not fast enough
As families are torn
Tossed like discarded paper
Into the vortex of the unknown
Swimming toward the ether

I can’t tear my eyes away
Power, raw and uncompromising
No judgment, for in Her wrath
We are all equals
Saints and Sinners united

Disbelief as the numbers rise
Heart aching, knowing
I will never understand
The grief, the pain, the fear
The Loss

The world suddenly grows quiet
Piece by ravaged piece
Will the puzzle ever be solved?
Will the pieces ever again fit?
We change, as the result

Blessed in the safety of my home
Loved ones surrounding me
Watching the turn of the tide
Will we ever hurt?
Will we ever understand the loss?
~Natasha Head~

I’m still having trouble coming to terms with the devastation we’ve seen rip through Japan.  There is a surreal quality to the news footage, almost as though the ending credits will role, denoting a big Hollywood Production.  I am at a loss at what to do, say, so I write.  Heather Grace Stewart is promoting a fantastic blog~zine for the week, featuring many inspired pieces by this devastating event.  Please stop by, have a read, and offer up what ever you can by way of donation.  I know a lot of us are dealing with our own tough times, which makes what ever you can give, that much more appreciated.

Visit Heather’s efforts here.  Read. Write. Donate



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