Triolet for Onestop Poetry

It’s been a busy day indeed…Monday’s always are as we strive to control the amount of paperwork that comes into the office after a busy weekend.  So with another deal in the works, and the cold providing me with somewhat of a reprieve from its abuse, I have attempted, yet again, the intimidating Triolet form, that Shan is once again hosting over at Onestop.  Should prove interesting, and as always, comments and critiques are most welcome…

Upon rich silken sheets my love does lie
Against the twilight of deep molten rain
Where my spirit finds the soul to fly
Upon rich silken sheets my love does lie
Wrapped tight in Love’s sweet lullaby
Like moth is drawn to candle’s flame
Upon rich silken sheets my love does lie
Against the twilight of deep molten rain
~Natasha Head~

5 thoughts on “Triolet for Onestop Poetry

  1. What a fantastic refrain: 'against the twilight of deep molten rain.' So many contours in that line, so many contrasts of dark and light and deep and less so. It anchors the whole poem around it as it resides in the reader's consciousness, supporting all the other lines and all the other lines espousing movement against that anchor. Absolute triolet mastery!

  2. Wow good point Brian I almost missed thatAs lies and lies could go either way like my hatI like the pic you used for this oneJust added to how well it was doneSo do you lieIn the skyOr are you a liarWith a flat tireThat should clear it up once and for allSo answer my rhyming call..lolSee I am foundBut now bed ward bound

  3. Dear NatashaA great one Triolet and I enjoyed it very much. recently I guess thanks to Shan, I am reading lots of triolet and its increasing my interest in the form to an extent that there is a desire to write one.. may be I will do that shortly… yours was the last push towards this.. its so beautiful.Thanks for sharing.ॐ शांति ॐOm Shanti OmMay peace be… pray for People of Japan________http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/03/whispers-love-and-insignificance.htmlConnect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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