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This is Me

Happy Friday! Welcome to my pity party!  Now that the cold that everyone has been waging has it’s sites set on me, I’ve not the energy to do much more than whine.  So, in keeping with my theme for today, I’d like to introduce you to a piece that some may have already seen…but I thought quite fitting for my mood.

This is Me

Imperfect, less whole
Attempting to fill a void
That I’m not sure where it starts
Or where it ends
Perhaps it is bottomless
This, I’ve yet to discover.
Shying away from my personal truth
I am here to please,
Too afraid to say no
Resentment growing.
Passionless, I continue
Filling the needs of others
While I grapple with thoughts
Of how I might be able to fill my own.
Afraid to remove my mask, I smile
Though I remain broken and bruised
Scarred terribly from the many battles
With myself.
Clipped wings, I fight against gravity
Hoping no one will notice
My feeble attempts at living.
Life wasted on the coattails
Of another’s dream,
Nothing quite as it seems,
But one thing remains…
Flawed, imperfect, scarred,
Beautiful within my imperfection
This is me.

Natasha Head ~ 2010


2 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. There are so many words and lines that leap at me in this rawly beautiful poem. There's so much movement here, yourself moving toward itself, away from itself, and spinning as we all do at what that self really is or what it wants to do; Can self right the reflections of expecation (yes!). Even better, amidst the pity party as you say, the flashes of the person trying to find herself shine through like diamonds. The last three lines say it all. Again, diamonds.

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