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Back to Darkness

This weeks Oneshot for Oneshot Wednesday may already be familiar to some, but as my audience has grown quite a bit, I thought I’d make it a little more current, and open to critique.  I had a blast this week at Onestop working on the triolet with Shan, and had hopes of giving it another go this evening.  Unfortunately, a gymnasium filled with volleyball playing eleven year olds took much of my time…and may have left a bruise or two as I evaded their practice shots!  SO, I would like to share with you…

Back to Darkness

For eons now the beast was fought
Killing sin with light
But shadows grow and now are caught
No longer worth the fight.
To force a person to change the tide
Deny thy inner self
Emotions raging, overflow the cup
Darkness is true wealth

Come on to me and let me be
All I’ve always dreamed
Don’t mind the smile, it’s painted on
Not always as it seems
Don’t mind the cross, it decorates
Adorning swollen chest
Don’t mind the air of confidence
I’m no better than the rest.

Let go my hand and let me rise
Stop holding on so tight
I belong to no one but
The darkness of the night.
So steal the sun and with it run
Without it shadows die
No more pretending all is good
Within this web of lies

I am here just as I am
And I’m so sick of trying
To be so much unlike I thought I was
Is damn near terrifying.
So back to darkness I must go
It’s where I found true love
A pen and paper…all alone
It fits me like a glove.
             Natasha Head


12 thoughts on “Back to Darkness

  1. no natasha don't go to the dark side…smiles…sory had to get that out…you know i tried denying the dark for a while but i think it allows you to appreciate the light all the more…

  2. A testament to you for being able to write so introspectively through rhyme, and flowing rhyme nonetheless. Hate to say it, but a true writer's love will always be writing. So back to that dark side it seems. smiles

  3. I don't even know where to begin to start to tell you how much I like this poem. I can feel the pain and growth and yearning in your words, as you contemplate the mixed and refracted images of light and dark and what's real and what isn't, both in self and in the concepts you're questioning and confronting. And even in the sadness of the final stanza, I read a tinge of hope. This is raw and real like all poems should be.

  4. Embrace the dark, act like a shark.Then you can write about each plightCause a fight, know your rightThen be all bright and come back to the light.Didn't think I could do that many? While I have plenty.Really enjoyed this one a lot, as you hit the rhyming spot.The cat is done, oh how I have such fun.

  5. Dear NatashaSome times what we call darkness is not actually is a darkness but the white of emptiness that we (Actually the mind) are not comfortable in… I find that this emptiness is not actually empty but full of nothingness that needs to be deciphered. And that is how things come out and place themselves on the white emptiness of our being.. I liked your verse so much that it gave me a lot of food for thought.. I could relate to it so much at a very different level… thanks for sharing.. I liked it.ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  6. Oh, wow…I can so relate to this one! 'It's where I found true loveA pen and paper…all aloneIt fits me like a glove.' ~ that's what helped me climb out of my black hole…'To force a person to change the tideDeny thy inner self' …just brilliant.. 🙂

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