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The Fringe Dweller’s Lament

For the first time in a few weeks, I have the opportunity to visit Onestop Poetry and take part in their picture prompt challenge.  This weeks Sunday challenge features the photography of  Jacob F. Lucas. His photograph “The Show Must Go On”, as seen below, provided some great inspiration, especially when I reflect upon the week, one that ended with me getting my knuckles rapped publicly on a social networking site, due to the content of a tweet I posted.  Needless to say, this particular individual was of a particular faith, that didn’t appreciate the validity of anothers’.  I am still angered by it, as it is my belief, that in this world, you need to have faith, but one that resonates in acceptance, compassion, generosity, kindness and love.  Not judgement, let alone blindness.  Needless to say, I’m down a follower, but no doubt, one that I am better off without.  Okay…time to step down from my soapbox and present to you my latest.  Take it for what you will, and if I offend you or your god…let me know in the comment section. 🙂  Away we go…

The Fringe Dweller’s Lament
Welcome to our midnight show
The only one you’ll see
As we invite you to explore
Our dark reality
No tickets will you need, my friend
As you join us for this ride.
Through nightmares and truths forgotten
Where fear and faith reside.
No coins or tokens to pay your way
Your scars are proof enough
That you have battled as have we
And traveled roads real rough
We’ve been waiting in the shadows
Recording every deed
Watching how you thrive in darkness
A brilliant, unique seed
We are here to strip away
The “YOU” that they have shaped
And we are here to show you now
The beauty you create.
No decorations to help you hide
No dollars to wash you clean
No god, no devil, just here and now
Amongst your fellow fiends
Your truth will be the only star
The lead will be your own
As you craft your life your way
And your truth you’ll own
Strip away the velvet curtains
Exposing flaws to see
That our red carpet is really black
With the blood you bleed
You are actor, you are fan
Your mind grows discontent
As you realize you’re the victim of
the Fringe Dweller’s Lament
Alone in stolen hours
Crafting words for you
For the masses will not love
What it is you do.
Alone on rode~off center stage
No audience to cheer
For the masses will not pay
For what you hope they hear.
And so the fight continues
For unheard thoughts you lent
As you come to terms with
Your Fringe Dweller’s Lament
~Pretty is as pretty does~
~And “pretty” pays the rent~
~You realize that you are doomed~
~To live the Fringe Dweller’s Lament~
Natasha Head


10 thoughts on “The Fringe Dweller’s Lament

  1. cool take on the prompt natasha – very creative with the fringe dweller's – also like the sense of loneliness – stolen hours – words that the masses will not love… nice write!

  2. Could be called The Poet's Lament given your words make me think of writers more concerned with discovering personal and societal verities than taking a bow, or dive, in front of an audience that pines for entertainment. Indeed, nice write!

  3. Brilliant! Pretty pays the rent indeed, but words fill the void that money cannot reach. Really loved this take I think it's my favourite so far of the ones I've read!

  4. oh but there is so much more than just a pretty face you know…this one is a bit sad, but said, so well, swell even, i'm believin, but then again i guess no stress but you impress…tee hee

  5. Look he did it once more, gonna have to show him the door.He's rhyming like me, next he'll start scratching fleas.Word fill a void money can not reach? hmmm I'm sure with enough money one can teach.Anyway as I give you a shout because it was well wrote.

  6. Utterly brilliant. This is the inner star in the creative person struggling to find their place in the world and no matter what success, finding they will never escape that haunting and perpetual lament. I don't have the words to tell you how much I like this one.

  7. I love it have a brillance with these longer ballad pieces…a reminder of Poe here…you a great storyteller …haunting as previously said..Great take on prompt and I can relate so to your intro…bkm

  8. Oh yes! The red fringe…neat observation. Rhyming things aren't my favorite…all writings in that form feel too stiff to me. However, I love your perspective of fringe and acceptance and belonging.

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