The Pedestal

To all who have found themselves broken…you are not alone…
The Pedestal
With these eye I look to you
And know that I have failed
To meet your perfect expectations
For a ship that long since sailed
The pedestal has wavered
Toppling stone by stone
As you continue to chip away
And sculpt and shape and hone
With these hands I hang on tight
To what remains of me
Refusing to conform to standards
Of what you think I should be.
The pedestal has wavered
Can’t lie anymore
As I watch you hurl another stone
Hard towards the floor.
Not so high now in the sky
Up close you see my scars
Are you prepared to accept the blame
For this heart you’ve helped to mar?
The pedestal has broken
I stand here just as me
No more playing dress~up
Will you accept now what you see?
Natasha Head


7 thoughts on “The Pedestal

  1. The cats half asleep so the rhyming won't work, although I didn't want to ignore and be a jerk.Very well written poem, now I must rest at home.Oh damn the cat rubbed off on me, good thing he is free.

  2. just me is the best way to beno more masks or pretendingand games never ending, i'd rather it chipped all away…(darn i just came from the cat and i cant stop…)we put people on pedestals and are surprised when they fall…

  3. Hi Natasha,This is very beautiful , you are quite inspirational , always has something to ponder upon a thought that always had a great impact on all hearts as it is written with such gems , amazing.Thanks a lot ..happy weekendenjoy.take care.keep smiling

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