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Self-Induced Dream Scape

Self~Induced Dream Scape
A dream scape is calling
Reds, greens and blues
Stained~glass windmills
Spinning forever
As I escape my reality
Alice awaits towering
Over the Queen of Hearts
Her splendor squashed
By the power
In the bottle
The genie escapes
Granting wishbone fears
A beast without backbone
Images haunting
Self~induced mess
This was not part of the deal
Only consequence…happiness
Or death, as my heart races
White Rabbit calling the shots
Will the morning bring me back
Or have I traveled much too far
Down the yellow brick road
Of my own
Self~induced dreamscape?


2 thoughts on “Self-Induced Dream Scape

  1. Tapping into so many senses in this poem, Natasha. Just like a dream.And I tried to warn everyone on Twitter about the great poem with the eye-searing finale.Love it.

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