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The Wicked One

Rest now for me, Wicked One
Too soon to show your face.
This is one I have to win
And no time for disgrace.
They need to see the charming me,
Not the one inside.
The me with smile and caring eyes,
Not the one I hide.
Now is not the time to rage,
It would only scare them all,
They need to know I have control
And no fear of the fall.
Conserve your power, Wicked One
You know you’ll have your say,
But for now enjoy your slumber
And rest until that day.
    Natasha Head 2011


5 thoughts on “The Wicked One

  1. Oh let the scary wicked one out, it deserves to get a shout.But I've come here to gloat, as I created a whole new boat.You helped with the facts, so I helped with a few new acts.One was of course a link, but the other I'm just gonna give a wink.For when you see my new post, you will know I'm the most.Another good read too, keep it up you.Yeah that last line was rather blah, but I make up for it in my new blog Ha Ha Ha

  2. I like the conversation in your poem – that moment we all have where we have to decide what face to show and wonder the real of self resides in truth.

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