Face It Facts

I recently had the pleasure of discovering a new, Nova Scotia born web site that was looking for content. Having a plethora of articles written, I shared some with Face It Facts.com They were published almost instantly, complete with links back to me and my writing and business web sites. Traffic has increased as a result, and this ad was just prepared for our real estate company. If you are like me, a writer hoping to carve out a niche in this huge, sprawling, world wide web, www.faceitfacts.com would love to hear from you. Write about what you know and what you love, the only requirement is keep it factual!

Thanks again, Pat!


One thought on “Face It Facts

  1. Awww well aren't you being nice, you even made me stop chasing my mice.As I had to thank you for the plug, now lets hope it doesn't get swept under the rug.As getting lots of Facts, from many different acts.Will only increase the amount and hopefully help with Factinary ad count.As the higher it gets to be, the more someone will shout with glee.At money given back, in a nice big sack.

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