The Me Between the Lines

What a Friday at One Stop Poetry! We have been challenged with the daunting task of writing! Brian Miller has shared the wonderful tale of his beginnings as a blogger, one that I’m sure so many of us can relate to. So for this weeks Friday Poetically…I am go to write, and perhaps share with you, why I do. 

 To the Paper
There is another version of myself, that I don’t show the world
For fear that they will run from me…I’m not a normal girl.
Longing for acceptance, I wear the face I must
And to the paper I escape before the real me rusts.
There is truth within my pen yet I’m too afraid to share
Unless I hide between the lines and act like I don’t care
With easy words I build my mask, that hides my secret smile
And hope between the lines you’ll stay with me but for a little while.
To the paper I must run when my facade starts to break down
When this world has beaten me and turned my truth around
When my pen just wants to bleed, a vein straight from my heart
When my life spills forth, line by line, each word ripping me apart.
To the paper where I share the thoughts I don’t dare say
It’s the blanket where I can let my troubles simply lay
It’s the shoulder that I need on days I have to cry
It’s the real me that you’ll find, hidden between these lines
It’s where I find my sanity when I start to doubt
That in this world I’ll never really figure it all out
It’s where I love, it’s where I live, it’s all I really need
It’s to that paper that I run when my pen starts to bleed.

It is my church where I am able to speak with the divine
And if you really want to know me just read between the lines.
I am here and I am ready, to share my truth with you
But only if you seek me out and say you’ll share yours too.
Natasha Head 2011


11 thoughts on “The Me Between the Lines

  1. I much like what you express here. You've stated the heart of what I think every writer feels in pursuing truth of world and self in their words.

  2. It's to that paper that I run when my pen starts to bleed. ~ღ~ So true. My pen indeed also finds the paper in times of geart sorrow or loss…Thank you for sharing ~.^ Helena

  3. Tash, Writing let's us escape to a world we create.The great mystery is how a perfect God could let us live in such an imperfect world that we are forced to create a way to escape.Escape we must and you are a brilliant escapist. Your writing proves that.Keep shining.Keep presevering and you will overcome and become a great success.

  4. That's a very nice poem, Natasha. I haven't read your work before. Your words, rhyme and cadence drew me right in. I knew exactly what you were talking about. Surely, I am a kindred spirit with you. Yes, the frustrations, battles, erosions are painful. But what's most important is your understanding and personal commitment to bringing out that part of you who sees and says. The lonely world of the poet must be shared with others. What good is a flashlight if you turn it on and leave it in your coat pocket?Please come and visit me. There is no more "between" once you embrace and are embraced by your compassionate peers. Come on out and in—the water is fine.OneLove–Tiger Windwalker

  5. While now I don't know what to say to that, are you trying to out do this cat?Rhyming every single line, and being all profound making me look like a swine.But everything you said, is truly in most people's head.As everyone can relate in some way, even if they are having a busy day.Another great read as was those that came before, it's fun coming here to explore.So off I go to be unprofound and dig myself further into the ground.

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