The Sea & Me

This weeks exercise at The Poetry Salon was an Object/Thing poem.  Not being predictable or anything, I chose a muse which is notorious for providing me inspiration.  Stop on over and give it a try! The AumZone is an awesome new spiritual community and Joanne, your host at the Poetry Salon has posted some great links and examples.  Let’s see the “Object” of your affection 🙂

The Sea & Me

The damp slapping thunders in my ears

Yet suddenly I am deafened

As the roar of chaos

Slams upon my toes

Smothering them under

The spinning

swirling, twirling pearls

That cover her floors.

Foaming and fierce

I feel her pull

As I force resistance

Against her strength.

I stand my ground,

But still she summons me

Her many disguises

Creative, colourful,

But not fooling me.

The cry of the gull

The sound of his wings

Then again

Her deafening roar

As she washes away

The footprints I have made

Cleaning up after me,

Hiding my damage

Protecting me from embarrassment

Swallowing my shame.

Her waters are holy,

And I can feel the sting of her salt

upon my sun dried lips

As her cooling waters

Wash away my discomfort

Aquamarine daydreams

Against a rolling horizon

A flexing of her muscle

Before she begins her trek

To the other side,

Where the burdened and impure

Await her cleansing

I recline upon a bed of golden sand

Under a violent indigo sky

As I feel her power turn away from me

And move to those who need her more.

I rest my head upon the sun baked earth

As her waters begin to shy away.

Like being born again

I am alive

I am worthy

For I have been blessed by the divine waters

Of my homes raging sea

And just like coming home

I know in time

She will come back to me.

Natasha Head 2011


5 thoughts on “The Sea & Me

  1. Wow that was a long one about the sea although I wouldn't want her to summon me.As cats and water don't mix, not even if I do tricks.So she can come back to you everyday, but the cat will stay far away.That way I keep my nine lives and don't develop hives. Another good read though, even if you are a rhyming foe.

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