The Bookshelf

So many milestones pass us by
Without us taking time to see
That beyond these stolen moments
We are writing history.
So much worth remembering
That never sees the light
Packaged into memories
Wrapped up nice and tight.
Collecting dust on secret bookshelves
Behind our busy eyes
While we go right on living
Until the day we die.
No time to ponder yesterday
Mere seconds on the wind
While we plan tomorrow
More memories will bend.
Regrets will steal the limelight
On the moments we reflect
Reliving errors and mistakes
We wish we could forget.
But if we’re still and quiet
And honest with ourselves
We can dare to feel again
And reach up to that shelf
That hidden, secret bookcase
Buried in our hearts
Where we can capture and hold tight
And never fall apart.
~Natasha Head 2011~


One thought on “The Bookshelf

  1. Wow this one was really good and I completely understood.Aren't I a smart cat, got to be my pretty hat.Although I must say, that wall is kind of grey.How can the books even hold, I'm not completely sold.Maybe the wall is fake, let's whack it with a rake.History is always in the making and it can be ours for the taking.Damn I just said something profound, so I'll bring everything back around.As my shelves have no books, they don't even have hooks.Instead there are over 2000 flicks, yes a few about hicks.Keep up the good reads and showing them on your twitter feeds.Alas I give you a hand, oh aren't I grand?

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