Happy Valentines Day!

Let’s spread some love…and awesome Canadian music by Lazybones!


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Oh all this lovey dovey crap, really makes me want to rap.About this commercialized day, that needs to go away.As it's just a way for the stores, to take all our money even off the floors.Thought I was going to say something else did you? While I don't need to be dirty like the loo.So I won't spread the love, not even with a dove.As I ignore this holiday wannabe and not fall for it's fee.Want to be lovey dovey do it all the time, on one day it's just a crime.That the stores portray to get more money their way.There is my rant for now, as I know some will have a cow.Nice video though and now I shall go.

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