Big Country

Buried by the concrete

Hard and cold upon my heart

Steel and glass are fractured

Forever stealing sun

Strangers will not look at me

Fearing desperate smile

Friendship eludes me

While people protect their own

I desire Big Country

Where the air is fit to breathe

I desire Big Country

Why did I ever leave

Children playing in garden’s painted

On walls of burdened schools

Offices where people sleep

Eight hours a day…minimum

Gridlock leaving city

Asphalt trails distract

Fumes, the fumes

Abusing my lungs, fogging my mind

I desire Big Country

Where Mother Earth does reign

I desire Big Country

I’m missing home again.

2011~Natasha Head


One thought on “Big Country

  1. I suppose it’s my turn to make you feel the burn.As everything you said is true and I enjoy your country view.The city is just strange altogether, no matter what type of weather.Protecting your own seems about right, as they hold on very tight.Umm You didn’t leave, so what’s this tale you weave?If Stewiacke’s a city, then I’ll do a little ditty.Yeah that’d be an ugly sight, even in the dead of night.But the country is much better, as you state in your letter.For dealing with all this crap, makes one want to go to a different place on the map.One day I hope to get out of this hole, where I have to stroll.So I give a clap for a very nice little rap.Enjoyed the read, sent it to my twitter feed.Now I go, watch more stupid snow.And have no doubt, there will be idiot drivers about.

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