One Shoot Sunday, February 6

This weeks Oneshoot Sunday photo prompt comes to us by way of a fellow Canadian photographer.
Sean McCormick’s work is amazing, and well worth checking out.  The image below has prompted some wonderful inspiration, that I’m happy to share.  Visit Onestop Poetry to see the work of some fantastic writer’s inspired by the pic below.

Deep in the Red Foothills of Blue
The glow of the fires
Despite the slivers
of stabbing rain
Deep in the red
Foothills of blue
The flicker of secrets
In the dancing
Of hot candle flame
Deep in the red
Foothills of blue
Tucked safely away
From conformity
The need to be the same
Deep in the red
Foothills of blue
There is energy
Despite of demands
In life’s wicked game
Deep in the red
Foothills of blue.
2011-Natasha Head

6 thoughts on “One Shoot Sunday, February 6

  1. Like how you describe it as a hide out, a refuge from conformity. Also like how the colors come together in your refrain. Nice write and interpretation of the prompt, Natasha

  2. Very Nice, I liked the Picture and the poem both.. really both complementing each other quite amazingly.RE @ Natasha , so how is the weather out there now , hope its warmer now.Here it rained today , weather is awesome .. mercury was @ 24 before now its in 20's.See you.Take care.keep smiling.

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