For the Sake of You

For the Sake of You
For you I gave up air today,
Ceasing to breathe
Heart expanding
For lack of release
Pumping blood no longer my own
Shared with a parasite
That has latched on
Drinking me in
Drowning in your contamination
Taking hold of my values
Erasing my morals
Risking it all
For the sake of you
2011 Natasha Head
Throwing this up for Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at the always enjoyed Onestop Poetry! Have a read and share your thoughts!


10 thoughts on “For the Sake of You

  1. Hi Natasha,Ahh what a lovely use of situation all making it amazingly swift and the scene you have created make me read it again and again.Awsome work ,You are taking poetry to a new level ..Take careKeep smiling.Vivek

  2. Gratz to you for writing an unlove poem that is also a love poem. Not nearly as easy as it sounds. The imagery here is refreshingly crisp and effective, too.

  3. Hey! I want that lung squashing thing, you know the thing where you don't know if you can breathe without the other person next to you? OH I don't really know if it's out there though! One things for sure I aint ever settling again 🙂

  4. Intense love can really feel like this.Natasha, you have captured the seductive power of the abandonment of values which great desire can bring.A brilliant write, which illuminates our human vulnerability in the face of irresistible passion.Makes me grateful, that as a mere man, I've been privileged to have been the recipient of such wonderful expressions of female irresponsibility.God bless you all. James.

  5. stunning piece.Greetings,How is your day?Please share your poetry with JP potluck today,Have fun!Love your talent, as always, appreciate your support.Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome!xoxox

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