Defining Moments For One Shot Wednesday

It’s not often we take the time to really look back over our years, to determine where we have been and where we are headed. For some, like myself, taking the time to look back means I’m not moving forward. Poetry and Journaling has taken care of that for me.  With another snow day upon us, I have chosen to dig out some of my older favorites for sharing.  This one in particular really makes me smile.  Still waiting on things to get better, but now that I’m a little bit older…I’ve got to wonder if the best years aren’t behind me.  Hope you enjoy the read, and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts~N
Defining Moments
The age of five was when I cried
When I first learned of death.
An uncle, only fourteen
Had taken his last breath.
The age of ten, when I first sinned
I took what wasn’t mine
Consequence was punishment
I walked a straighter line.
At fifteen I first found love
And learned a heart could cry
Just a foolish, little love sick girl
I fell for all his lies.
At seventeen the bottle reigned
And blackouts saved my soul
Through a haze of smoke, the bottle broke
Maturity took hold.
At twenty-one I found my mate,
In heart as well as mind.
Never thought a man like him
I would ever find.
At twenty-three I made my vows
And swore upon my life
To walk with him throughout this journey
And be the perfect wife.
At twenty-five there was life inside
A little girl to love
A blessing from the heavens
And the gods above.
Now at thirty, here I sit
What to tackle next?
They promise that the years ahead
Are to be my best.
2004 Natasha Head
Another big shout-out to our poet friends at One Stop Poetry where I will be submitting this for One Shot Wednesday.  Come on over and have a visit. I’m sure you be just as impressed with the talent as I was.  If you’ve got a poem you’ve been dying to share, this community has offered some of the best support I’ve yet to find in this vast and often intimidating world that is the web.

5 thoughts on “Defining Moments For One Shot Wednesday

  1. As you say, past is past…but sometimes, you know, it's still entertaining to look back, for memory's sake. And winter-wonderland days like this are always a good time for it. Long as you have hot cocoa to accompany it, of course…Nice reflection piece – I hope that the three years since you wrote it, at least, have lived up to some of that promise "they" made to you.

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