Angel on the Edge of Night

T’was a long and frosty winter’s night
Where the violent North winds blew
His doors and windows were shut up tight
And wicked snow flakes flew
Stabbing needles at window panes
Mother Nature was raving mad
And on the banks piled against the home
Out the door came a young strapping lad.
Blinded by the gales was he
But driven with demon fire
The red of rage danced on his face
Proof to this mad desire
T’was in a dream he saw the girl
A maiden pure and fair
And in the dream was told she was lost
Buried deep in the snow somewhere
With frantic heart he hunted deep
Ignoring driving snow
And in his mind he heard her cries
Desperate, weeping, low
Upon a bank a waxen hand
Pushed through from below
He threw the shovel, fell to his knees
Mittened hands pushing back the snow
He dug and dug and the hand did grow
To a delicate female shape
With barely an effort he pulled her close
Into his cabin, warm and safe
Beside the fire she was gently laid
And soon colour began to return
Lips of rose and eyes of blue
Hair as red as a summer’s morn
On through the night he watched her sleep
Until she finally woke
With timid gaze and nervous hands
At last she finally spoke
“My kind and hearty country lad
You’ve saved my troubled heart
I was meant to sleep forever
While human hearts are dark,
But I knew there would be but one
To sacrifice all for me
Igniting hope and faith within the hearts
Of all humanity.
My father said that none would come
But I have proved him wrong
The sweetest breath I’ve ever breathed
Came just before this dawn,
When just a simple country boy
Carried faith enough for all
And doubted not the urge he got
When he heard my desperate call.”
She smiled soft and slowly stood
A caress upon his cheek
The sweetest kiss upon his lips
Turned him from strong to meek.
Her laugh was like the summer rain
As she ventured out the door
With friendly wave she moved to night
The North winds ceased their roar
And on the edge of dawn he had a dream
A world where all were one
On the edge of night he saw her smile
As she flew towards the sun.
              2011 Natasha Head
Winter’s Night
Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov
Another big thank you to Onestop Poetry who has inspired this piece through their Monday Poetry Form.  This weeks look at the ballad is hosted by a new favorite wordsmith of mine, Monty Wheeler.


8 thoughts on “Angel on the Edge of Night

  1. great job, natasha! loved reading and you got the narrative down pat 😉 your 5th 12th and 13th stanzas are my favorites and closest to what I understand of ballads 🙂

  2. Thank you Sir Bumfuzzled 🙂 I've never been one for "rule", and I know the 8/6/8/6 doesn't really flow as it should, according to the book…but sometimes the story gets away from me! Thanks for the awesome lesson!

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