One Shoot Sunday

This is my first attempt for Onestop Poetry’s One Shoot Sunday, and this week is a fantastic prompt by iphoneographer, Iquanyin Moon.  I only hope I can do this fantastic image, some sort of justice!

Footsteps on my Floor
Inspired by the image below, created by Iquanyin Moon

If you flipped me inside out
And looked upon my heart
You would see the many paths
That are tearing me apart.
Big footsteps I am to fill
But my feet are rather small,
Decisions I must make this night
Could cause my heart to fall
To live for self requires pain
To live for others more
To live alone means I don’t own
These footsteps on my floor
In stolen hours I hide away
Denying that they’re there
Even though I feel their weight
An urgent, beating fear
To stand alone requires strength
To stand for others even more
To fight this battle I need to stand
Beside these footprints on my floor.
Each and every day I pray
To build a better self
But each and every night I hide
My problems on this shelf
That I have built within my heart
Where there are no steps to lead
Flipped inside out I realize now
It’s my own life I bleed
For others in this realm with me
Despite my many flaws
I will stand for dignity
For truth in hallowed halls
To stand alone requires strength
To stand for others, even more
Tonight with courage, I will stand
With these footprints upon my floor.
2011 Natasha Head

4 thoughts on “One Shoot Sunday

  1. Hi Natasha,Its been a while since I has been to your space , and today I'm happy to witness a nice read of such a lovely poem , The positivity of the character in the poem even in pain reflect , how much you have evolved as as a poet 🙂 Hats off to you.Great work.Keep it up.I tried to do write on the same pic but I failed terribly in the effort :(.But definitely I will try to do so.You inspired me.. :)Take care.Keep smilingVivek

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