Love Force #5

Today’s inspiration has been inspired by a wonderful painting by artist Jonas Gerad as featured today at Onestop Poetry and thier Friday Poetically with Brian Miller.  The painting I have chosen is titled “Love Force #5”, so I thought it only fitting the words inspired by the piece should be titled the same.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to have a read, and I urge you to visit the creators of this wonderful vision.

Love Force #5
Dancing in secret
Upon the fragile edges
Of a heart that beats
Battered and bruised.
Whirling and twirling
Pushing pity and pain
To the in between
Slowly the healing begins
As these secret fairies
Filled with joy
Bring with them
The light, the truth, the laughter
And all the colours of love
Their costumes, vibrant
Flowing in the movements
Of their frantic ballet
Whirling and twirling
Building up the wings of the heart
Like the gentle butterfly
Emerging from its confining
and shadowed cocoon
are the wings of confidence
Of forgiveness
and acceptance
Ready to lift the heart, the spirit
Into their fevered dance
Convincing one to embrace
The energy of all
we ever are
The energy of all
we will ever be.
2011 Natasha Head


6 thoughts on “Love Force #5

  1. nice. there is great energy in your verse…and you dance us through a journey first intot he dark then the light…i like the vibrant colors being fairies…and glad someone else took up the cause for love force…smiles,

  2. I love this!!!! You captured this essence beautifully 🙂 My favorite lines were…Their costumes, vibrantFlowing in the movementsOf their frantic ballet

  3. Hi Natasha,Nice poem and the painting too is amazing.I really like the +ve energy within your writings.Nice work.I'm coming to your space after a while , hope you are doing great.take care.keep smiling.enjoy weekend 🙂

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