By the silver of full moon’s light
Lending her glow to darkened night
Forgotten harvest through rows of corn
In darkened fields, the killer’s born.
In shallow graves, no one to see
Hides a soul’s life memories
Under soil, and earthen home
A heart’s last word, an epic poem.
No golden light to guide the way,
The tortured soul is trapped, must stay
Roaming fields in silver light
Waiting to taste its killers life.
Ebony curtain, a shroud of fog
Embraced by hell, no light of God
When wandering soul sees she’s not alone
A piece of sweater, a broken bone
A collection of the killer’s prey
Vibrant lives just snuffed away
His hunger cries into the night
Wandering soul prepares to fight.
He escapes back to the day
Another nightmare chased away
His student’s love him, he’s their man
Born to teach like no one can
By day he is a man of means
A man of God or so it seems
A body strong within his faith
A tortured soul, born of hate.
His mother used to make him bleed
While fufilling sinful needs
He’d hide away within his mind
Until no heart was left to find.
His father met an awful fate
As the result of mother’s hate,
The first he buried in the corn,
In darkened night, the killer’s born.
2010 Natasha Head

10 thoughts on “Cornfields

  1. This one is the best among all your poems…Liked the topic you choosed,nicely described…His father met an awful fateAs the result of mother's hate,The first he buried in the corn,In darkened night, the killer's born. Beautiful lines :)For this post you will get ***** stars :-)My lot's of love and wishes to you ..Take care and keep smiling 🙂

  2. wow never saw this one, very compelling read and you rhymed so well..haha. although you tricked me I thought there was something new, so I went to your blog and never saw one by you.

  3. A classic ballad. The first part put me in mind of In Cold Blood, but really this has the feel of a Broadside. Your attention to detail is complete with the rhyme building throughout to resonate and chill. Excellent! Thanks, Gay

  4. before my time in your land, glad you pointed us back here…i agree with the chilly tune…i once took crime scene with the FBI back in the day before it was cool…rather grisly stuff…i like it

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