Today Onestop has given me quite the challenge indeed! Villanelle! So, in an effort to embrace that which gives me sooooo much trouble, I present to you Drum.  This piece points to the underlying rhythm of the music within us all, beating through our hearts, from the steady beat our Earth provides.  No matter your musical interests, deep down we are all really marching to the same drum.  Please be gentle with me, as this is certainly not a form I am well versed in…no pun intended!
And still the beat does sound
Through fluted winds, the ring of strings,
A symphony abounds.
The dancers still spin round.
Energy, the pulsing ring
And still the beat does sound.
So sweetly, feet to ground,
Notes so pure on angel’s wings,
A symphony abounds.
Rythum, bass, the power round
The purest of all things,
And still the beat does sound.
Life’s rhythms spinning round and round,
The excitement newness brings,
And still the beat does sound.
Note after note, the truth is found
Inspirational love we sing
And still the beat does sound
A symphony  abounds.
Natasha Head 2010
Find a forum that will let you bang your own drum and visit Onestop today!


5 thoughts on “Drum

  1. Hello. I haven't read your work before. I thought seriously about moving to Nova Scotia. I love it there. I heard a unique voice in this as though pulling sounds from ancient places and smiled when I saw the image you used. You certainly evoked power through your words and the form. Well done. Gay

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