There comes a time when we all begin to feel like the world is crashing in on us.  This is typically a result of one turning against themselves, and allowing the thoughts and actions of others take hold within our own minds.  I am a staunch supporter of the theory that thoughts are things, things that can dictate and control our well being along with our actions.  As a race, we have to realize that together we can change the world.  We were not meant to fight the powers that be, rather we were meant to be the power.  When we let others speak for us, our words and wants are often taken out of context, to support the agendas of governments that are being run on greed and hypocrisy.  Color me a dreamer, but I do believe that with a shift in our own consciousness, we can overcome.

Creators take charge!
Account for these beasts
Who own the shadows we’ve allowed to invade
Our gentle lands.
Blocking our light,
We have let ourselves cower
Thinking we’ve no other choice
But to let them rule our minds.
Sharpened pencils stab our hearts
Calling our earnings their own
Feasting upon the harvest
Of those less fortunate.
Creators take charge!
This world is ours to empower!
The powers that be
We permit to be
Take back your power!
Raise your voice to be heard!
It is our truth, our dignity
That will pay the price.
You are worth
So much more than they have led you to believe
You are loved
so much more than you know!
Creators take charge!
Own your magnificent power,
Let the light they have tried to smother
Shine bright enough for all
Allow yourselves to become
The glorious gods and goddesses
You have forgotten you have always been
Throughout all our shared eternities
You are divinity manifested
Within this earthly realm
You are, within yourself
The miracle you have been waiting for.
2010 Natasha Head

5 thoughts on “Creators

  1. Reads like a heartfelt cry to the Heavens (or the Hells, as I call it when I have to point at the "No solicitors" sign on my porch, ignored by invasive, door-knocking "Christians"). Excellent work!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! And taking the time to comment has me feeling tons of gratitude 🙂 Been mired down in those same Hells way too early on Saturday mornings myself. Colour me inspired!

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