What has become of us!?

As Christmas races towards me, much like a train, I realize that it’s not gifts and presents I long for, rather its a simpler time.  A time when you can escape the constant, universal madness that so many of us seem to be swimming in…or perhaps drowning would be a better word!

I can remember a time when the Holiday Season seemed to come with a built-in battery pack and there was never enough to do…let alone too much, but these days I find myself almost growing Grinch-like, as the true meaning of the season loses just a little more magic.

It is with Spirit that I hope to connect, and what better way than through sharing time with family and friends.  I long to reach out and connect, on a personal level, beyond the scope of the world wide web and business connections.

No matter your beliefs or religion, this is a time of year where the divine is obvious.  It is neighbors helping neighbors, giving to those less fortunate, remembering all the souls that have touched our lives and ensuring their legacy continues.  It is a time of love and forgivness, not fighting over available credit…or lack thereof!

Spirit to spirit, I would like to wish each and everyone the Merriest of Christmas seasons, and may the light of all the gods and godesses shine brightly for you all, so that in the end you know, without a doubt, you will never be alone and will always be much loved.

Blessings to all…..



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