Where Secrets Hide

Upon waking…

Where Secrets Hide…Racing heart and hard to breath,

Trying desperately to get my bearings,

As reality evades my restless attempts

To grab hold of the solid, the real,

Across from me he lies,

Regular breathing, sound asleep

Cemented in the world he denies

My stomach rolls at the thoughts,

The images burned into the back of my brain

As though I was afforded a front row seat

To the indiscretion that haunts me.

Hate so real I can taste the bitterness,

Formed within the subconscious confines

Of a mind I thought I knew.

Who wrecks this havoc on my sleeping hours,

Who knows me so well?

Well enough to induce such panic?

I plant my feet firmly on the floor,

Refusing to release what little control I’ve left

As I ignore my bleeding heart,

And push forward with my day.

Wentworth Valley, Nova Scotia
Natasha Head Photo

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