Her Season to Shine

I recently entered the following poem in a contest which closes on January 7th, 2011.  If you think it worthy, follow the link thru to the contest page and click the like button for me.  Right now, I’m sitting pretty in second place. (story of my life!) 🙂

Her Season to Shine

She watches over all

Above and below

She knows not the difference

To her we are one.

She does not judge

She does not condem,

She is love

Whole and unconditional.

She holds us tight

Offering her protection

Despite our constant abuses

Against her.

In our flaws

She sees only the beauty

For it is in her image

We thrive.

She has battled for eons

Stretching and growing,

Evolving in her wisdom,

While we, her children

Fight, kicking and screaming

For more.

This is her season to shine,

As we finally find the courage to listen,

To account

And stand guilty

For the crimes we have made

Against our mother.

Like it HERE


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