In the Beginning…

My bio from one of the first sites I discovered there were really folks out there that would like to read my work…thought it fitting to share.  Sums up my mission better than most…and reminded me that perhaps I’ve gotten a bit of track…Feet on the ground, Tash….Feet on the ground !

…I have always dreamed of one day becoming a world famous author and seeing my name in print. As I grow older, the fame doesn’t appear to be nearly attractive, but the determination to put pen to paper grows ever stronger.

I am keenly facinated by the lovey beings we call people. The good and the bad never cease to impress me. Most of my writings deal strictly with some of the wonderful and horrible experiences I have had at the hands of others, while the select few deal with my own self reflections and reactions to such experiences.

Each and every day I strive to be bigger and better (for the world and for myself) Through my writing I am hoping to convince others, maybe even you, that this life is worth living and worth living well.

Blessings to all,


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