The Goal…

The goal since the first of the year has been to write everyday.  Whether or not it makes sense doesn’t matter, I just have to write everyday.  So I have done my best to stick to it, missing only the odd day when work keeps me out past my bedtime.

I have been enjoying posting some of my poems here and there, but who doesn’t.  If I’m lucky enough to get noticed, my ego is fed.  If I’m lucky enough to pull in a comment or an email in regards to something I have written, then look out world!

My articles have been receiving a fair bit of traffic, which is somewhat rewarding, but it has grown more and more difficult to get them accepted for publication.  That can be quite frustrating, and makes the compulsion to write in this formatt much less attractive.

There are just so many options available to me in relation to the simple act of writing…but the art of writing is something I’ve been missing.  Rants against the world in my secret jounal, not included.

So…I guess I’ll keep on keeping on, and see where the journey takes me.

Open to potential and possibilities!



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