Frustration Mounting!

Yes, I have dreams of being a writer, actually supporting myself with my words of wit, however, while I’m waiting for my time to shine, I must maintain income in order to support myself and my family.  I do that through real estate.  Yes, I am Joe Schmoe…the person who is robbing the innocent public of thousands of dollars because of the outrageous fees I charge.  I am involved in an industry where I pay thousands to an association who allows marketing campaigns like Property Guys slander us and our profession.  Because my professional associations have failed me, I’m left ranting and raging to those who would rather not listen.

Since 1993 I have been listing and selling homes in my area.  Yup…that’s right out of high school.  I’ve put in good years, bad years and in between years.  I’ve attended hundreds of courses, paid thousands of dollars to provincial and national associations, and thought I had a career worth something.  I have made my clients millions, saved their homes from foreclosure, found dream homes, and turned nightmares into profit.  These are not things that just anybody can do! Yes, anyone can pass the exam and hold a real estate license, but only a select few of these folks actually make a living doing it!

There is no doubt in my mind that I have made enemies as well as friends.  At one time it would bother me when suddenly busted water heaters and financing rejections were considered my fault, but I’ve grown to learn that humans will be humans and seldom is their fault their own.  If I have to be a scape goat to curb a seller’s guilt or a buyer’s remorse, then I can handle that.  Paint me as a devil if you have to, but I can assure you that I sleep well at night..and I’m worth every penny to have me on your side when you are listing or selling property.

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