Why I do What I do…

Thanks be to the heavens that there really are good people left out there! I listed a beautiful home today for a gal that has stuck with me and the boss man for the past 4 houses. It is so awesome to feel like somebody thinks you do something right! In todays world, where people are so quick to judge and condem…it’s nice to know some still appreciate the things that make you who you are. Today I am grateful for clients like this one, that always seem to appear just when you’re ready to officially throw in the towel.

I so desperately crave proof that us humans are here for a reason, but until we learn that we have to be working together toward a common goal of a better life for all, I’m not sure if that can happen. Why do some deserve and not others? Why do some have it so easy, while others can’t get ahead to spite themselves? I would love to know what people are thinking when I hear some of these thoughts and ideas being spouted as though they are doing harm to no one. I think if we all forced ourselves to really think before we open our mouths, the world would be a much better place.

Stepping off my soapbox now! 🙂


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