They’re Getting Noticed!

I was reviewing my twitter page last night and realized that someone from the Property Guy’s organization had corrected me about my article in regards to calling Realtors Joe Blow in their ads…they actually refer to us as Joe Schmoe. I knew this, but no matter what font I used, it just didn’t look right. I figured I was close enough for the point to be made. The good thing about this is the proof that my articles are actually being read! Yippie!

We are under white-out conditions right now with snow and winds, so I am assuming a pretty uneventful day will unfold. The weather isn’t going to help attendance at “The Hants Realty Home Game” tonight for the Penguins. Here’s hoping we can actually get our you know what in order to make the game!

Managed to get another article posted last evening in regards to Milford real estate. We’re definately moving up in the searches so our plan is working. Just got to stay motivated to keep it up 🙂 Happy Friday!


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