Day One-Feed Your Passion…and Your Kids!

According to all I read, and hear, one must make the venture to include “blogging” if one is to make a name for themselves. So here I am, debating whether or not this adventure I’m embarking upon will prove worthwhile. As the title indicates, I have a passion for putting pen to paper, so the idea of using a keyboard and posting for folks to view is a little overwhelming. I live to journal and have a tendancy to run at the mouth when I know no one will be looking. Loose lips sink ships, so I am hoping I can contain myself.

I am almost one month in to posting articles online, and my name is now appearing in search engines along with my work. Will this actually lead to anything, or does it simply help me rid myself of the guilt I feel when I’m writing by making my articles mostly “work” related. Hence the title to this post, Feed Your Passion and your kids. I am writing now with BossMan’s approval and support, so I guess a small goal has been reached. Pay as the result of my efforts. An interesting concept when those efforts are actually ones you enjoy!


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